Getting Started

You’ll want to have a few things to get started with Karaoke Eternal:

Microphones are not required since the player itself only outputs music - this allows your audio setup to be as simple or complex as you like. See the F.A.Q. for more information.

1. Install Karaoke Eternal Server

On the system that will serve the web app and your media files, install and run Karaoke Eternal Server. There are a few installation methods available, so jump to the instructions for your preferred one below, then head back here when finished:

2. Browse to the Server URL

Once the server is running, browse to the web app at the server URL.

If you’re using the Windows or macOS package, you can open or copy the server URL using the tray or menu icon:

Karaoke Eternal Server (macOS) Karaoke Eternal Server (macOS)

Karaoke Eternal Server (macOS)

Karaoke Eternal Server (Windows) Karaoke Eternal Server (Windows)

Karaoke Eternal Server (Windows)

3. Create Admin Account

Since this is your first time with Karaoke Eternal, you’ll be asked to create your admin account.

Make sure you use a strong password and store it someplace safe, since admins can manage users, rooms, preferences and more.

4. Add Media Folders

Once signed in, you’ll see an (unsurprisingly) empty library. Head to the Account view by following the “Add media folders” link or tapping the face icon in the bottom navigation area:

Account view Account view

Account view

Since you’re an admin, the Account view will have a number of sections. In the Preferences section, select Media Folders and add the folder(s) containing your songs.

5. Queue a Song

Once the media scanner is finished, you should see your artists/songs back over in the Library view. If they aren’t appearing, make sure your media files are named using the “Artist - Title” convention and are a supported format.

Library view Library view

Library view

In the Library view, queue a song by tapping an artist, then tapping a song. Go ahead and queue a few - the songs will glow to indicate they’re queued. Pretty simple, right?

You can do a lot more in the Library view, but for now let’s play some music!

6. Start the Player

Karaoke Eternal’s player is just another part of the browser app, but it’s meant to run fullscreen on the system connected to your display and speakers. If you aren’t using the system you intend to use as the player, go to it now, browse to the server URL, and sign in with your admin account.

By now you’ve probably noticed a “No player in room” message at the top of the app. Click the Start Player link to do just that!

Player view Player view

Player view

Now that there’s a player in the room, playback and display controls will appear. Admins will always see these, as well as the user who is currently singing.

Go ahead and press play to start the party!

7. Next Steps

To get the most out of Karaoke Eternal, continue with the app documentation. Seriously, there’s quite a bit going on beneath the surface!

You can also join the Karaoke Eternal Discord Server for general support and development chat, or just to say hi!

Lastly, if you are able, please consider sponsoring. This project relies on its community to sustain it, and your support has a direct impact.

Now, go get singing!