Karaoke Eternal (the app)

Karaoke Eternal is a modern mobile browser app that lets everyone join without having to install anything on their phones. It’s built for touch, but a mouse is supported in desktop browsers (click and drag to emulate swipe gestures).


The library view lists available songs organized by artist, with search and filtering options at the top.

Library view Library view

Library view

Library search/filter view Library search/filter view

Library search/filter view

Tap to expand an artist, then tap a song’s title to queue it. A glowing song and artist indicate they’re upcoming in the queue.

Swiping left on a song reveals the following options:

When a song has multiple versions (media files), admins see an italicized number after the title, and media in the folder highest in the Media Folders list will be used unless a preferred version is set (see Song Info above).


The queue view shows your room’s previous, current and upcoming songs.

Queue view Queue view

Queue view

Karaoke Eternal automatically manages the queue using a round-robin method for fairness, without penalizing those joining later in the party. For example, a latecomer will be able to sing right after the next-up singer regardless of how long the queue was when they joined.

Swiping left on a queued song reveals the following options:

Normal users can only manage their own queued songs, but admins can manage anyone’s.


The account view lets users manage their account, while admins will see additional panels.

Account view Account view

Account view

Rooms (admin only)

The Rooms panel allows admins to create, edit or remove rooms.

Karaoke Eternal uses “rooms” to organize sessions by time and space (spacetime?) Users choose an open room when signing in, and each room has its own queue.

Rooms can have one of the following statuses:

It’s best to create a new room before each session so that you start with an empty queue, then set the room to closed when finished.

Preferences (admin only)

The Preferences panel allows admins to set these global preferences:

My Account

The My Account panel allows users to change their username, password, display name or picture as well as sign out.


The player is just another part of the app, and is designed to run fullscreen on the system handling audio/video for a room. The latest versions of these browsers are officially supported:

Player view Player view

Player view

Display options Display options

Display options

To start a player, sign in to the desired room as an admin and a player link will appear at the top. If you don’t see a link that means fullscreen support wasn’t detected, but you can still manually navigate to /player.

Once a player is in the room, playback and display controls will appear. Admins will always see these, as well as the user who is currently singing.